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27th January

A problem with Huey Pro and Mac OS Leopard, and the fix.

written by Mark Wheadon

The problem

If, like me, you have a Huey Pro and you’re using it under Mac OS X leopard then you may have hit this problem: once you’ve restarted your machine, the screen no longer adjusts its brightness automatically. If you start up and then quit the Huey Pro software then all’s well again until next time you log out or reboot.

It’s strange that (certainly in version 1.5.0) Pantone haven’t fixed this (surely the Mac is a major market for them?), but until they do, here’s a work-around.

The fix

The problem arises because Pantone Huey Pro‘s helper application isn’t started automatically. The fix is to manually add it to the list of applications that start when you log in.

You can’t simply select the helper application as it’s buried within the Huey Pro package, so you need to do the following:

Go to System Preferences->Accounts and select Login Items, then click on + to add an application.

run-helper-at-startupNow, leave that window for now and use a separate Finder window to go to Applications and scroll down to Huey Pro. Then right click (ctrl+click) and select Show Package Contents:


Now browse to Contents->Resources->Support and select hueyAmbient. Don’t double-click it as that will simply start it up. Insteady, drag hueyAmbient to the Add Login Item window you opened earlier and that will select the hueyAmbient helper.


Now click on Add, and you’re done.


  1. 14/02/2009

    Cheers! I was wondering why Huey would reset itself after restarting…

  2. Simon Dixey

    Thanks! I have been looking for this workaround for ages …

  3. mary

    thanks – i was pretty ticked that at 120 this product is did not reload after restart… and that it didn’t tell a user in the wizard that if they have a macbook or imac to skip the contrast measurement steps. i discovered choosing pref’s from the menu bar item will cause it to install the huey pref’ in pref-pane

  4. mary

    OK update — after starting up this morning the item is once again gone from my menu bar… its still in pref pane and checked off as room adj on… but nope not in menu bar… and last night even though it was in the menu bar it never once adj’d even though its set to every 10 min and we went from sun to sunset to dark in the room – then to lamps on. very disappointing – i am calling them on monday.

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