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4th February

Tree? What tree?

written by Mark Wheadon

A challenge for you

See the Christmas tree in this photo?

stealth tree

You don’t? I’m not suprised. Try harder — if you squint, and with a little help, you may just be able to make it out:

Stealth tree spoiler

Still no joy?

Incredible, isn’t it? The military has been working on stealth technology for decades, and is only just getting there. With their crude, light-emitting clothing that shows an image of what’s behind them, soldiers can just about merge into the background.

As fate would have it, they could simply have waited and then visited Chez Wheadon. As we’ve invented the same technology purely by accident.

You see (or rather, you don’t?), there is a Christmas tree in the above images, but it’s so well disguised that not only did the the fine folk from SERCO Waste Management not spot it when they should, just after Christmas, but they even had a second go after we complained. And still they failed.

Apparently “It wasn’t there when we tried to collect it the second time either, so the case is now closed.”.


For those of you who still can’t see the tree (and I admit, it isn’t easy). Here’s more help:

Stealth tree spoiler, the sequel

Trust me — if you look hard enough, it is there.

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    Cheers pal. I do aprpceitae the writing.

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