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17th March

Want to use Safari 4, but put off by the visual editor not working in wordpress? Here’s a fix.

written by Mark Wheadon

All change

As of the the 8th June 2009, Safari 4 is out of beta, and wordpress‘s insert-link dialogue works! So this article is now superfluous — good stuff.

I’ll leave the article here to help clarify what WebKit is and how to use it, but if you’re looking to get wordpress‘s insert-hyperlink dialogue working with Safari 4beta then all you need do is download the full release version of Safari 4 from Apple’s site.

And now for the original article…

If you’re a Mac and wordpress user, and you’ve tried out Safari 4 Public Beta, then you will have noticed that you can’t add hyperlinks in wordpress‘ visual editor (Geek Guides has documented the problem nicely here).

Now there’s a fix — the latest WebKit on top of Safari 4 Public Beta works fine, with no problems in wordpress‘ visual editor. Here’s the proof (you may need to take my word for it: this _is_ Safari 4):


Note that the Insert/edit link dialogue box isn’t greyed outresult!

To achieve this, first install Safari 4beta from Apple’s site and reboot. Then install the latest WebKit nightly build for Mac OS.

two-safarisNow you have two versions of Safari. One calls itself Safari and that’s as downloaded from Apple, the other calls itself WebKit and is the browser from Apple, but with the latest WebKit plugged into it. Here they are in my dock — the brassy compass is the WebKit version of Safari.

Now all that’s left to do is to enter Safari‘s Preferences and set the default browser to be WebKit:


and you’re sorted. Of course, if you don’t want to do the above then it’s still good news: if the latest WebKit sorts the problem, then Safari 4 should, in time, pick up the fix. Good stuff.


  1. 17/03/2009

    thanks a lot. i will try this immediatly.


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  3. 19/03/2009

    Thanks so much! This is exactly the problem I have been having. I haven’t used the WebKit yet, but I’m hoping it fixes the problem.

  4. 19/03/2009

    Thanks for letting me know about this! I’m surprised Apple didn’t catch it before. Hopefully they’ll update Safari 4 soon with this fix.

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  6. 09/06/2009

    This problem has been solved with the latest Safari 4 (which came out on 8 June 2009).

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