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2nd May

Ever wished you could pre-focus the camera on your Nexus One, Desire, Droid, Milestone etc? It turns out you can.

written by Mark Wheadon

Focus left-o-centre

Touch to focus?

Ever wished you could pre-focus the camera on your Android phone? It doesn’t seem to be common knowledge, but you can.

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Use the Camera app as usual, but when you take the picture, place the subject in the centre of the image and press and hold the shutter release-button (on-screen on my Nexus One). A couple of seconds later the image will focus. Now recompose your picture with the subject off-centre — the picture is taken when you release the shutter-release button. Simple, once you know.

And no shutter lag

Hold the shutter-release button to focus the subject. Now get people to look your way, smile, etc. When you release the button the picture is taken almost immediately, and taking pictures of moving subjects no longer requires a highly developed sense of precognition 😉


  1. tahitiboy

    yes, good idea! i’ve searched for touch focus but your method is juste quite simple!

  2. Sarres

    Does not work on Motorola Defy. Used FXcamera instead.

  3. w0lverine

    You just made my day, thanks !

  4. RMAU

    Similarly any views that are in focus lose their focus when entering touch mode unless they’re focusable in touch mode.

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