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14th June

Photo Enhance video available at YouTube

written by Mark Wheadon

I’ve made a short video showing Photo Enhance Pro in action. Photo Enhance is an app for Android that I’ve been developing for the last year or so — it boosts detail in images and allows you to crop, manipulate brightness, colour balance, etc. before saving or sharing at full resolution (something most apps can’t manage).

микрозайм на карту

Photo Enhance Pro is available at Google play or if you’re based in the USA then you could give the Amazon Android App Store a go.



  1. nosh

    Hi, my compliments fora high quality app. Please keep the Amazon version Updated, for everyone’s benefit!

  2. Mark Wheadon

    Thanks — will do. Amazon have been taking about two weeks to approve updates, but there’s hope — my last update happened within 24 hours so maybe they’ve sorted the their backlog.


  3. Paul Mason

    Hi Mark, I just bought PE Pro for Android. Can’t find your contact details in the app. Possible bug to report. Cheers, Paul.

  4. Mark Wheadon

    Hi — my email address is mark dot wheadon at gmail dot com



  5. Jay

    Great program. I’ve been recommending it to friends. Just a couple of suggestions:

    Add a gamma adjustment feature, one that is able to raise only the shadows without blowing out the bright areas (I hardly ever use brightness, but gamma & contrast are often used together).

    In the adjustment screen, instead of displaying all 4 (or more) adjustment bars at once, one-at-a-time should only pop up when the icon is pressed, then a full-width adjustment bar should appear, so it can accept finer adjustments, that way maximum space is dedicated to the image preview too.

  6. Corry

    Is there a video of Photo Enhance HD running on a tablet; Asus Transformer Honeycomb 3.2.1 or another honeycomb tablet?

  7. Mark Wheadon

    I’m afraid there isn’t, but it’s very similar under Android 3 (I own a Transformer) — it _is_ Android 3 aware, so you get the proper menus for example.

    I suggest you try out the free version — Photo Enhance — on your tablet, the paid version looks identical, the only difference being its ability to save and share at full resolution — there are no other differences.


  8. Carl

    Hey Mark, any plans for RAW support? I just recieved my Transformer Prime, and am looking for a way to go from RAW on a SD card (Nikon D300s), do basic editing like in your application, and then upload to Picasa. If RAW decoding is too much work, an intermediate step might be to strip to preview JPEG off the RAW files at least…Thanks!

  9. Mark Wheadon

    Hi Carl — sorry, I only just noticed your comment. I’m afraid I have no plans to add RAW support at the moment.


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