19th April

Reverting to type.

written by Mark Wheadon

Head in Sand

Chatty ostrich courtesy of Nagyman, smiler courtesy of jimbowen0306 and head in sand courtesy of blakeimeson. This work is covered by the same Creative Commons Licence.

12th April

Conscientious criminals pay heed to privacy laws.

written by Mark Wheadon

There’s a warning printed just above the card slot on our local ATM:

ATM warningNow I’m familiar with the use of CCTV for detection purposes, but for crime?

It seems the local mafia are taking the trouble to warn us they’re grabbing card information. How thoughtful!

Law abiding criminals. Whatever next — responsible bankers?

28th March

Frying tonight.

written by Mark Wheadon

Frying tonightFish courtesy of Kurt Koller (live) and f10n4 (battered). Cartoon available under this Creative Commons Licence.

7th March

XKCD in the round.

written by Mark Wheadon

XKCD in the roundXKCD:

Original images by mot the hoople are available here and here under a Creative Commons Licence, and so it follows that this work is available under the same licence.

4th February

Tree? What tree?

written by Mark Wheadon

A challenge for you

See the Christmas tree in this photo?

stealth tree

You don’t? I’m not suprised. Try harder — if you squint, and with a little help, you may just be able to make it out:

Stealth tree spoiler

Still no joy?

Incredible, isn’t it? The military has been working on stealth technology for decades, and is only just getting there. With their crude, light-emitting clothing that shows an image of what’s behind them, soldiers can just about merge into the background.

As fate would have it, they could simply have waited and then visited Chez Wheadon. As we’ve invented the same technology purely by accident.

You see (or rather, you don’t?), there is a Christmas tree in the above images, but it’s so well disguised that not only did the the fine folk from SERCO Waste Management not spot it when they should, just after Christmas, but they even had a second go after we complained. And still they failed.

Apparently “It wasn’t there when we tried to collect it the second time either, so the case is now closed.”.


For those of you who still can’t see the tree (and I admit, it isn’t easy). Here’s more help:

Stealth tree spoiler, the sequel

Trust me — if you look hard enough, it is there.

3rd February

Bless you.

written by Mark Wheadon

SneezeIt’s official

I have the cure. And it’s simple.

Stay away from small children — small children and babies, they’re the worst. Stay away from babies and small children, and large children as well.

And adults. Stay away from them all. Stand in a field with your arms spread and avoid all contact. You may feel like death, you may even wish for death.

But you won’t die of the common cold.




Image courtesy of Brian “DoctaBu” Moore.

30th January

Conflicting advice.

written by Mark Wheadon

facebook flabby adverts


Facebook just can’t decide about me at the moment, so it’s decided to cover all the bases. Here’s a snapshot of the adverts down the side of my facebook home page for today.

Just what are they trying to tell me? 😀

26th January

A cheap, effective waterproof case for the Sony PRS-505 / PRS-700.

written by Mark Wheadon

Fancy reading your e-book in the bath? Your long wait is over — I have the answer (cue long drum roll). Hours of selfless testing has proved its worth, and it’ll cost you pennies.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Sony Reader waterproof case!

Sony Reader waterproof wide

A Sainsbury’s ziplock polythene bag 🙂

I wouldn’t immerse the whole thing in water (so don’t use it if you have a tendency to nod off in the bath), but it’s certainly proof against splashes. It’s so effective because with an electronic book, you don’t need to physically turn the pages, so having it inside a plastic bag is no hassle at all.


Sony Reader waterproof case 2

In my next article, I discover a simple solution to the common cold. Maybe.