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16th May

Windows Vista prompts for you password every time it comes out of sleep / hibernation. If you’d rather it didn’t then here’s how to disable that behaviour.

written by Mark Wheadon

If you have a Windows Vista machine in a secure (enough šŸ™‚ ) environment then you may not want it to prompt for a password every time it comes out of standby. With previous versions of Windows it was pretty obvious how to choose this behaviour (in XP it’sĀ under the Advanced tab of the current power scheme inĀ Power options for example — in fact, it’s still there in Vista but it’s buried deep).

Under Vista it’s far less obvious, but the setting is there if you know where to look for it.

First, go toĀ Power options in theĀ control panel. I find it easiest to do this kind of thing by bringing up theĀ Start menu and then typing (in this case)Ā power, and thenĀ selecting Power Options:

start-menuNext, in the Power Options window, don’t click onĀ change plan settings as it’s somewhat buried in there nowadays. Instead, select theĀ Require a password on wakeup link that’s lurking in the top-left of the window:

power-optionsYou will then be presented with a window which looks useful, but in fact the Don’t require a password option you’ve been looking for is greyed out — you can’t select it! This is because you first need to click onĀ Change settings that are currently unavailable:

power-options-system-settingsThen confirm you’re happy for the change to be made:


And finally you’re in a position to select the option:

dont-require-passwordThen click on Save changes and you’re done. (I know, it shouldn’t be that hard, but c’est la vie with Vista at times.)

It’s worth repeating that you should only set this option if you’re happy that someone with no knowledge of your login details can walk up to your suspended Vista session, wake it up, and start doing stuff as you.